Lucky Star Plastic Round Tissue Holder

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25 Nov 2021
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120 buah

Specification of Lucky Star Plastic Round Tissue Holder

 Plastic tissue Case Lucky Star product

Lucky star factory makes various kinds of plastic tissue case, from round shape, seg, tube. Tissue usually used at home, office, restaurant, restaurant.

Other functions where tissue: some companies use the place tissue as a media promotion of its products. Eg drinking water companies provide company logo or product brand on the place tissue then distributed to the restaurant depot. This branding strategy makes everyone remember the beverage products it sells. So when the brand has been remembered by many people then automatically sales of its products will increase rapidly.

If you want to use this strategy then you can search other plastic product screen printing with your brand. Invest the brand name of the product logo that you created to be remembered by as many as the people all over Indonesia.

Some type of tissue lucky star type:

2360 place tissue barrel. Diameter 100 mm x height 140 mm. 1 dus 8 dozen

2361 place tissue Yaris. 145 mm x 135 mm x height 140 mm. 1 dus 8 dozen

2362 Avanza tissue place. 115 mm x 110 mm x height 85 mm. 1 dus 12 dozen

2363 place tissue Inova. 230 mm x 120 mm x height 70 mm. 1 dus 6 dozen

2364 place tissue Cynus. 250 mm x 135 mm x height 100 mm. 1 dus 4 dozen

2365 Place tissue Elysion. 228 mm x 133 mm x height 90 mm. 1 dus 3.5 dozen

2366 Capsul tissue box. Diameter 110 mm x height 142 mm. 1 dus 9 dozen

2367 place tissue Oval. Diameter 150 mm x height 110 mm. 1 dus 6 dozen

2368 Sheel tissue place. Diameter 135 mm x height 135 mm. 1 dus 10 dozen

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