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plastic basin brand taiwan. Plastic basins are used for laundry, washing dishes, salvation containers, bonus gifts at grocery stores, blessing containers. there are 5 sizes of washbasins ranging from small to large. please come to our office or contact us.

UK 12P Carved basin 12 sizes 25 cm in diameter x 9 cm high, 1 sack containing 20 dozen
UK 14P Carved basin 14 sizes 32 cm in diameter x 11 cm high, 1 sack filled with 14 dozen
UK 16P Carving basin 16 sizes 35 cm in diameter x 13 cm high, 1 sack containing 10 dozen
UK 18P 18 carved basin size 40 cm x height 14 cm, 1 sack containing 8 dozen
UK 20P Carving basin 20 in diameter 43 cm x 16 cm high, 1 sack filled with 6 dozen
red, light blue, light green

product quality of taiwan plastic factory: strong thick, durable, glossy color, premium quality comparable price with good quality. we also sell other household plastic products

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