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Unica branded melamine plastic mug cup
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Unica branded melamine plastic mug cup. drink equipment from melamine material. you can use it at home or at your restaurant or restaurant depot. there are many types of melamine products, please come to our office or call 085232099000, wa 081331351580.

1 cup glass lid contents 30 dozen

1 cup cup holder filled 20 dozen

230 short glasses 1 box filled 18 dozen

250 tall glasses 1 box filled 12 dozen

cup 1 box filled 12 dozen

708 8 inch 1 mug cover and fill

710 mug closes 10 inches

712 mug closes 12 inches

the quality of melamine unica plastic products: good, thick, Indonesian National SNI standards and competitive low prices. GLASS, PLATE, MUG, MANGKOK, CANGKIR, MELAMIN CLOSE and others. we sell wholesale household plastic products, melamine products, drink tableware products, restaurant depot equipment




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