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Melamine plastic cups Golden dragon melamine
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Melamine plastic cups Golden dragon melamine. transparent melamine glass for tea, juice, cola, cold drinks. many depots, restaurants, restaurants, fast food corners use melamine glass. there are many kinds of melamine glass. please come to our office 085232099000, wa 081331351580. there are golden dragon products plates, bowls, cups, mugs, facets, round, two colors and so on

841 glass of 5.8 inch 460 ml. 1 box contains 60 bj

844 glasses of 420 ml juice. 1 box 60 bj

845 cups screw 425 ml long. 1 box 60 bj

846 cups of 345 ml short thread. 1 box 60 bj

847 320 ml plastic cups. 1 box of 120 bj

834 cookies tray. 1 box 12 bj

the advantages of all golden dragon melamine products are food grade guaranteed safe for food and drinks, stylish fashionable latest attractive models, high-grade safe, BPA free, do not use recycled pure ingredients, the quality is brighter and brilliant quality is very good, the price is comparable to its quality .

South of triumph. Jalan Songoyudan 31b, Surabaya




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