Plastic basket cunt industry 8895 brand red Lucky Star

Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
60 pcs

Specification of Plastic basket cunt industry 8895 brand red Lucky Star

Plastic basket cunt industry 8895 brand red Lucky Star. a hollowless basket produced by a lucky Star manufacturer is designed to transport goods that still contain water or liquids. such as fish, solution, tofu, production materials and others, of course this basket can also be filled with dried products such as fruit, vegetables, spare parts, toys, other goods. This basket can be stacked pile. labeled the name so that it is easy in grouping goods type. This basket includes multifunctional and multipurpose.

product size

8885 container container tub 540 x 410 x height 300 mm. 1 bunch 6 pcs.

8895 container tub container 585 x 485 x height 355 mm. 1 bunch 6 pcs

basket of audi lucky star product is still very much. you can contact us to inquire about products, holes, dead ends, various sizes. also there are other factory products. the quality of the products start thin quality cheap price until the strong product expensive price. depending on the function and purpose of using the goods.

if the goods for 1 times usage eg in overseas export your product should be placed in plastic basket without fumigation process you need cheap basket. If you use a basket for use many times you need a strong basket.

085232099000. wa 081331351580

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