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MPW brand plastic lunch box
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Specification of MPW brand plastic lunch box

MPW brand plastic lunch box. there are many types of plastic lunch boxes, lunch boxes used for children's lunch boxes or factory workers. some use this for a child's birthday gift. please come to the office. 085232099000, wa 081331351580.

MP154-1 Lunch box square 18 cm x 18 cm x height 5 cm. 1 box of 6 dozen

MP154-2 lunch box round diameter 18.5 cm x height 5.5 cm. 1 box of 6 dozen

MP191 small dining place 601 size 17 cm x 11 cm x height 5 cm. 1 box contains 10 dozen

MP17-3 909 cathering box size 24 cm x 24 cm x height 3 cm. 1 box contents 5 dozen

we sell wholesale various household plastic products. Clothing baskets, shoe racks, trash baskets, flower pots, garden chairs, children's chairs, dining chairs, meatball chairs, piggy banks, mats, kemucing, containers, balls, big boxers, filters, clothes hangers, hangers, clothes pins.

Selatan Jaya. Songoyudan road 31b.

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