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Wonder mop swivel plastic mop
Wonder mop swivel plastic mop
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Wonder mop swivel plastic mop and sink. This product is imported from China, cleaning tools are usually needed in every household, swivel mop, sink mop, there is a tub handle. You don't need to squeeze the mop by hand, you also don't need to mop the floor with your feet. There is a mop, it can be used for floors, windows and so on. please come to our office 085232099000, wa 081331351580.

we sell wholesale a variety of household plastic products such as Chairs, Tables, Cabinets, Doormats, Carpets, Brooms, Handle Mops, Plastic Shovels, Melamine Ashtrays, Spoons, Forks, Plates, Bowls, Jars, Mugs, Glasses, Cups, Teapots, Kettles , Lunch box, Spoon holder, Sambal container, Faceted vegetable lid, Round vegetable lid, Jumbo tras, eskan, Thermos, Rantang, Wakul, Ompreng, Sealware, Water jug, Tray, Rantang

South victorious. Jalan Songoyudan 31B. Surabaya



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