B303 industrial plastic basket Top brand
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B303 industrial plastic basket Top brand. multipurpose plastic basket for vegetables, spare parts, production assembly parts. top quality basket products are nice thick strong durable attractive colors and prices are comparable to its quality. please come to our office 085232099000, wa 081331351580

there are so many shapes and sizes of plastic baskets. There are dead-hole, big and small, can be stacked and some cannot be stacked, there are thick thin, different brands, the price is different

we sell wholesale many types of household plastic products, kitchen cooking products, cutlery plates, cups, mugs, hygiene products, broom mop bucket, bucket washbasin basin, some baby equipment, bathtub, hanger, folding thermos hot water, plastic chairs, plastic baskets

Selatan Jaya jalan songoyudan 31b. Surabaya

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