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Plastic Park chairs Napoli code 880
Plastic Park chairs Napoli code 880
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Specification of Plastic Park chairs Napoli code 880

Plastic Park chairs Napoli code 880. Plastic chairs are placed in the garden. there is a left and right hand rest. motifs of straight line from top to bottom. This chair is placed on the porch of the house. can be used at home, office chair, shop, pool chair, inn and inn chair. colors available in red, green and blue colors
the advantages of this plasik seat is strong, thick, durable, bright colors relatively affordable price.

park chair size 880 napolly is 620 x 555 x height 890 mm.

plastic chairs and plastic stools manufactured many plastic factories in Indonesia. plastic seats are needed by the community as a replacement for wooden chairs. lighter plastic chairs, cheaper but plastic seat resistance is still less than the wooden chair. but the market of plastic seats in Indonesia is very large, especially when the elections ahead of the election of regional head or presidential election presidential election, plastic chairs are needed and distributed in each sub-district, urban village, RW and RT.

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