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lion star hand pump code H1
lion star hand pump code H1
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Specification of lion star hand pump code H1

Plastic hand pump code H1 Lion star brand. oil pump is used to suck kerosene, oil, bulk cooking oil. This hand pump is produced by Lion Star. height of 580 mm. 1 box filled 12 dozen. minimum purchase of multiples of 1 box. hand pumps are still used in shops in Indonesia. please come to our office, or call 085232099000, wa 081331351580

we sell various kinds of other household plastic products. such as a place for soap, like a baby, bucket, bucket, basin, wash basin, water barrel, dipper, kaca pretty, Gentong, jirigen. clothes hanger, hanger, clothes clip. Clothes basket, shoe rack, garbage basket, flower pot, garden chair, child chair, dining chair, meatball chair, piggy bank, mat, kemucing, container, ball, big boxer, filter, reservoir.

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