Plastic Pot Taiwan Brand
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13 Mar 2020
144 Pieces

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Plastic Pot Taiwan Brand. The latest model plastic pots from Taiwan plastic. there are brown, colorful and white. the quality of Taiwan plastic products is good, thick, durable, and the price is comparable to its quality. please come to our office. 085232099000, wa 081331351580

PBR001 Nursery flower pots S diameter of 14.2 cm. 1 box contents 24 dozen
PBR002 Nursery nursery flower Pot diameter 16.5 cm. 1 box contains 16 dozen
PBR003 Nursery flower pot L diameter 18.6 cm. 1 box contains 12 dozen
must be a multiple of 1 box
There are many other types of Taiwan plastic products. please contact us

We also sell wholesale prices of other household plastic products such as plastic chairs, jerry cans, industrial crates baskets, buckets, tubs, spoon plates and so on

Selatan Jaya. Jalan Songoyudan 31b, Surabaya

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