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Plastic aqua glass jar jar golden sunkist brand
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Plastic aqua glass jar jar golden sunkist brand. aqua glass plastic shelves to entertain your guests, suitable for events such as Chinese New Year, Eid, N Cancellations, salvation, thanksgiving, prayer events and other events. This plastic rack is produced by Sunkist Plastic Factory. there are many kinds of golden sunkist products in Surabaya. please come to our office. 085232099000, wa 081331351580.

RT9004 jar contents 4 pcs. 1 box contents 36 bj
RAN9008 aqua glass plastic rack 8 pcs. 1 box contents 72 bj
RAN9012 aqua glass plastic rack 12 pcs. 1 box contents 72 bj
RSS9027-3 triangle stacking shelves. 1 box of 12 sets
quality golden sunkist products are nice thick strong attractive colors at relatively affordable prices.

we sell wholesale many kinds of plastic products at home, office, and others. plastic products such as Chairs, Tables, Cabinets, Doormats, Carpets, Brooms, Mops. Clothes basket, shoe rack, trash basket, flower pot, garden chair, kids chair, dining chair, meatball chair, piggy bank, mat, kemucing, container, ball, big boxer, filter, coolbox

Selatan Jaya. Jalan Songoyudan 31B. Surabaya

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