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Plastic aqua jars and golden multipurpose triangles
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Plastic aqua jars and golden multipurpose triangles. aqua shelves are usually used for aqua glass, there are contents of 8 aqua glass and 12 aqua glass. bean jar contents, cookies, chocolate candy. multipurpose shelves for beauty equipment and so on. please come to our office 085232099000, wa 081331351580.

RT9004 1 bottle rack with 36 bj contents
RAN9008 Aqua shelves with 8 pcs of heart shape. 1 box 72 bj
RAN9012 Aqua shelves with 12 pcs of heart shape. 1 box 72 bj
RSS9027 Triangular stacking shelves, 1 box with 12 sets
golden sunkist product quality = thick, strong, high value, shiny color, price comparable with good quality

We also sell wholesale various other household plastic products such as plastic chairs, plastic jerry cans, plastic baskets, plastic tubs, plastic clothes hangers, and many other types of products.

south of jaya. Jalan Songoyudan 31B. Surabaya

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