Waka brand plastic jar for packing pastries
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14 Dec 2015

Specification of

Waka brand plastic jar for packing pastries

Jars plastic mica brand waka for container pastries. jars of various shapes like round, oval, square, heart, diamond and others.
Cookies (cookies) are generally prepared at home for entertaining guests / relatives / close relatives who visit.

generally pastries are also purchased for a snack at home, the whole family can eat at any time. the pastries were selling current season of Eid, Eid al-Fitr, Christmas since that time many families are coming.

For manufacturers of cookies, they require:
a. Cake taste delicious, unique, interesting
b. Brand cake
c. Container with good, many variations of the model jar that has a high value.
d. Strong container so that the cake produced remain durable (from after the finished cake, sold in stores, until consumed buyers)
e. The containers are cheap so that lowers the cost of production so that competitiveness

Waka factory producing plastic jar container mica, there are some models of jar:
1. jars Yi hua- D140 or jar 1/2 kg spherical diameter 14 cm high x 6.5 cm
2. Ling Hua-D125 jar or jar 1/4 kg diameter of 12.5 cm high x 4.5 cm
3. oval jars -1610 length 16 cm x width 10 cm x height 4.5 cm
4. jar fu hua d133 models hexagon size 13.3 cm high x 6.5 cm
5. jars ai hua -d185 flat model of small diameter high 18.5 x 5 cm
6. jar mei hua- D240 model of flat width 24 cm diameter x height 6cm
7. jars Shao hua- s188 models large size in terms of length of 18.8 cm high x 6 cm
8. jar Feng hua - S110 models of small size in terms of length 11 cm x height 5.5 cm
9. jar lan hua -s142 length models in terms of size 14.2 cm high x 5 cm
Jar fan 10. 1911 length 19 cm x width 11 cm x height 5.5 cm
11. jars S150 hua shan length size 15 cm high x 5.5 cm
12. jar long hua S110 length 13 cm x width 20 cm x height 4.5 cm
13. jars melly 1514 heart shape length 15 cm wide x 14 cm high x 4 cm
14. topels 512 elegant with a floral motif on top in terms of length 14 cm wide x 10.5 cm high x 7 cm
15. topels 513 elegant with a floral motif on top in terms of length 18 cm wide x 13.5 cm high x 8.5 cm

generally the most widely used manufacturers of cake is a round jar jar 1/2 kg and 1/4 kg round

to find out the wholesale price, availability, minimum purchase. please contact us​



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